6 week challenge testimonials

I love seeing people set fitness goals, follow through, and thrive! Here are some testimonials from some of the ladies that have been a part of the 6 Week Challenge during the last four rounds.


Fahmida Mehta

“My whole life, I’ve been an on-again, off-again exerciser. I’ve never been an athlete, never particularly enjoyed working out. But when I signed up for the 6-week fitness challenge with Zehra, I’ve seen my body change and get stronger, which is awesome. My clothes fit better, which is fabulous. But the most notable and powerful change is how much less stressed I feel, especially with my family. Zehra’s 6-week fitness challenge got me feeling stronger and more energetic as I started working out regularly and has helped me stay motivated. So if you’re a mom like me who simply isn’t motivated , if you know you should be exercising regularly but can’t seem to make yourself do it, maybe it’s time to give Zehra’s 6 week fitness challenge a try, it’s fun, and love the support group.


Patricia Kloster

“This has been an excellent! I have been looking for an exercise program that I can do at home. I live on an acreage and once I arrive home I like to stay home. I used to go shopping after work to get groceries or do quick errands and now I come straight home and change and do the daily exercises. The length of the workouts are perfect. I lost about 5 pounds the first round then came the holidays and I did nothing. Now I am on track again. I still have a hard time doing the push-ups (on knees) so I just do a plank instead.”


Anam haji

“It’s been fantastic.. I literally feel like you’re watching me as I work out and I push myself more as a result. I also love the regular motivational statements during the videos.”



“Taking the 6-week challenge was the best decision I made for myself this year. I feel more alive and confident than I've felt in years. Thank you so much, Zehra!!”


Sana parekh

“It was an amazing 6week journey to a fitter/ stronger ME! It helped me get toned and back in shape and fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans! 👀 But apart from that, it initiated me and so my entire family to eat healthy and clean. Zehra is awesome.. she helps you every step of the way!!”


Fatema Damji

“I have done the challenge four times now and I can honestly say this challenge has changed my life. I'm excited to work out, my whole family is eating healthier and I have so much energy. I didn't start this challenge to loose weight, instead I wanted to get toned and live a healthy lifestyle and Zehra has helped me do that!”


Tahera Panju

“AMAZINNNGGG! Loved the change in my body, the noticeable definition in my arms and legs, more energy more discipline with food”