Kettle Bell Workout

If you’re getting sick of the same workout with the same equipment, then this is the workout for you. Try switching your traditional dumbbells for some kettle bells! Why you ask? The kettlebell is a great way to build strength and work your core at the same time. Its uneven center-of-gravity forces your body to constantly adjust itself to maintain balance throughout the entire exercise.  It’s a great tool to help your body prepare for real life movements such as carrying your child or a suitcase. Also, its unique shape lets you carry momentum through exercises; think kettlebell swing.

Kettle Bells can be found at any major fitness store and also many big chains like Walmart, Canadian Tire and Winners. I would suggest starting out with a weight that is heavier than what you would use for dumbells.  For most women starting off with kettlebells, I would say try between 12-20 lbs.

Here’s a great kettlebell workout to get you started!  

(Total time = 24 minutes)

  1. Kettle Bell Around-The-World

  2. Kettlel Bell Goblet Squat

  3. Kettle Bell Swing

  4. Kettle Bell Dead Lift

  5. Kettle Bell Crunch

Do each exercise for 45 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds. Complete 4 rounds total.